Professor Klemes is invited as the plenary speaker in the 3rd International Conference on Process Engineering and Advance Material (ICPEAM 2014), Kuala Lumpur. This is a conference under World Engineering, Science and Technology Congress organised by the Universiti Teknolgi Petronas, Malaysia .

Recent Developments in Advanced Process Integration : Learning the Lessons from Industrial Implementations

Abstract: Heat Integration (HI) has been developing in mutual cross-fertilisation with the industrial implementations over the last forty years. From the beginning, HI offered some guidance based on thermodynamic principles and their understanding. However, a number of aspects still need deeper consideration and solved problems have to be considered in more complexity to include the real-life issues. This presentation summarises the results of the three efficiently collaborating research groups: Centre for Process Integration and Intensification - CPI2 at University of Pannonia, Hungary, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Maribor, Slovenia and Process Systems Engineering Centre (PROSPECT) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. This team exploits the experiences gathered from the industrial projects as well as from the most recent academic research. The aim of this presentation is to provide some tested and proven guidance for future industrial applications as well as a solid support for getting the results with acceptable and realistic payback periods.

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