On 6th of May, Professor Jiří Klemeš was awarded Visitng Professor status of Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology. The award was presented by Professor Dehao Lee, vice president of the university.

Professor Jiří Klemeš is a well-known editor for several international journals. During the ceremony, he gave a presented in front of the acedemic staffs on how to become a excellent author and reviewer. He discussed in details about the submission procedures and principles, review guidelines, and how to submit in the right format. This laid down a solid foundation on how to successfully submit a paper for international journal. In these three days between 4th to 6th of May, Professor Jiří Klemeš gave three lectures, attracted more than 400 acedamic staffs. One of the lectures titled "The Challange of process Integration in Energy, Water, Emission and Waste Minimisation".



For further reading, please click here. (in Chinese)

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